Foreign Exchange Student Abuse

Sexual Abuse Law Firm Fighting for Victims Abused As Foreign Exchange Students

While the foreign exchange program is a wonderful program that allows for the exchange of ideas and expansion of diplomacy, it is a sad truth that there are those that take advantage. Foreign exchange students visit in hopes of learning the culture and taking advantage of some of the benefits of the country, but often put themselves in a vulnerable situation. They are completely dependent on their host parents and are often lost as to the laws and expected behavior of the people they are living with. The majority of host parents understand this and do everything they can to take care of their student, treating them well and assimilating them to the country’s customs. There are, however, those who put themselves in a position of power in such situation to take advantage.

In recent times, there has been an onslaught of foreign exchange students who have come forward claiming they have been the victim of sexual abuse. Such cases (from assault, to molestation to numerous other crimes) have displayed how these students’ vulnerability and ignorance of typical customs have made them an ideal target for sexual predators.

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