Boy Scout Sexual Abuse Attorney

Boy Scout Sexual Abuse Attorney

In any group or association in which an adult is placed in control of young children or adolescents, the potential for sexual abuse is present. Attention has been focused on the Boy Scouts of America as an organization that has a history of unreported sexual abuse inflicted upon boy scouts of varying ages in the last 60 years. Recently, previously private records were released to the public indicating that sexually abusive and suspected sexually abusive scout leaders were dismissed at a rate of one every three days prior to 1991. After 1991, that rate increased to a dismissal at a rate of one every two days.

"[The process] closed many chapters of my book and has given me a new start at life again."

Ruth, 32 , Bremerton, WA

Scout masters and troop leaders have historically had sole access to young boys during camping trips, adventure outings and other boy scout functions. Sexual predators are known to be manipulative and skilled at putting themselves in positions where they can perform their crimes on children, adolescents and teens. Many times threats, rewards or other “deals” are made in order to get the victims to remain silent about the abuse.

Despite the fact that organizations like the Boy Scouts of America have implemented programs designed to prevent abusive situations from arising, the fact remains that countless boys experienced sexual abuse at the hands of adults in authority positions since the organization’s inception in the early 20th century.

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