Sexual Abuse In School

Sexual Abuse Attorneys Fighting To Protect Victims Hurt In Our Schools

As a society, we entrust teachers and other school employees with the instruction and protection of our children on a daily basis. In fact, many children spend more face-to-face time with their schoolteachers than with their own parents. This trust has been found to be sorely misplaced in many cases according to a 2004 study targeting the amount of sexual abuse, assault and harassment experienced by school-age children in public schools across the United States.

This study suggests that an alarming number of as many as 10% of public school students have suffered sexual abuse or harassment by a teacher or other educational employee at some time in their lives. Of course, this suggested figure doesn’t represent the millions of children who are enrolled in private schools. The amount of children experiencing inappropriate sexual conduct, treatment, harassment or activity at the hands of adults is unknown due to the vast number of incidents that go unreported. This criminal activity is an egregious breach of the trust and confidence placed in the adults who have authority over a group of children.

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