Campus Sexual Assault

Victims of Campus Sexual Assault Deserve Justice


Campus sexual assault has long been a hidden problem on our nation’s college campuses. Young women who have been sexually assaulted on campus are afraid to report the crimes or are often drugged and intoxicated and do not know their attackers. Young men have also been victims, often while participating in student athletics or other programs. If a victim does report this crime, it is campus authorities who investigate allegations of sexual assaults between students and those investigations often lead to no actions against the perpetrators.

Finally, this problem is getting some attention as more and more young women and men step up to tell their stories. Three years ago, the Obama administration notified college administrators that it believed sexual assault had become ‘epidemic’ on campus. More recently, the Department of Education told campus administrators to tighten procedures and increase preventive measures. Students can learn their rights at

iStock 182059956The Zalkin Law Firm has represented several victims of campus sexual assault, both men and women, students and student athletes. Victims have legal rights under federal law to seek compensation and damages.