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Yeshiva Abuse Attorney Working To Help Those Assaulted

Unfortunately, whenever children are placed in the custodial care ofadults the potential for abuse exists. We have found, that this is particularly true within Yeshiva's operated by various Hasidic sects within the Orthodox Jewish movement. The pressures placed on survivors of child sexual abuse within these communities and schools can be extreme. They are pressured to keep quiet, allow the matter to be handled ‘within the community’ and often threatened that they will be ostracized if they advise law enforcement or other public officials. We are sensitive to these concerns, and have handled these issues in a way that we believe diffuses some of these pressures. Our view is that a survivor should not be shamed by the community, but instead, supported in their efforts to pursue justice.After all, the very foundation of the Jewish justice system rests on the notion of retributive justice, ‘an eye for an eye a tooth for a tooth.’ The magnitude of the harm done to a child as the result of sexual abuse is substantial, that a mere rebuke from the community is an insufficient response.