When I was a kid I was sexually abused by my scoutmaster

Attorney Irwin Zalkin of the of Zalkin Law Firm answers the question. When I was a kid I was sexually abused by my scoutmaster. I have heard of sexual abuse cases against the Boy Scouts. Is there anything I can do?

Well unfortunately, the Boy Scouts have maintained confidential files on known perpetrator scoutmasters and other leaders within the scout organization. They have actually written very good policies, procedures, and handbooks on this issue, but they fail to properly enforce that in many situations. As a result, children throughout the scout organization have been sexually abused over the years.

You should report this immediately to law enforcement. You should report this to the scouting organization, the Boy Scouts local chapter and you should get help. You should immediately seek some psychological intervention because the consequences of childhood sexual abuse can be devastating over a person’s lifetime. The earlier you can get professional intervention the better.