I was sexually abused and having been living with shame ever since.

Attorney Irwin Zalkin of the of Zalkin Law Firm answers the question. I was sexually abused when I was a child and having been living with shame ever since. I am confused about my sexuality and don’t know where to turn?

First of all, you should realize that you have nothing to be ashamed about. You were not in control of what happened to you as a child. If you were sexually abused by an adult it wasn’t your fault. So you should first of all come to recognize that you should not be ashamed. It is very normal for a child who was sexually abused to struggle with their sexual identity, because they don’t know “Was this right?” “Was this wrong?” “It may have felt good but yet it was morally questionable”.

These are all legitimate concerns and it would be very helpful. It would be imperative for you to talk with a professional. To have this conversation with someone who really understands what happens to children that are sexually abused and help you through deciding who you are, what you are and dealing with moving forward in your life.