I was abused when I was an altar boy

Attorney Irwin Zalkin of the of Zalkin Law Firm answers the question. I am middle aged, Catholic, and was abused by our parish priest when I was an altar boy. I never said anything because I thought I was the only one. With all the news about Catholic priests I think there may have been others like me what should I do.

With the amount of media attention that’s been drawn to the problem of child sexual abuse within the Catholic Church, it’s very common now for people to come forward and realize that they weren’t the only ones who were abused. It’s the norm rather than the exception for a perpetrator, a pedophile to have multiple victims. It’s extremely rare.

In fact, I’ve never even heard of a case where there’s been just a single victim because it’s a disease. It’s a sickness it’s something that they can’t help. They are prolific in abuse, there are usually multiple victims and if you were an altar boy and you were abused by a priest, there’s a very strong likelihood that there were others in your similar situation to you. You should report this to law enforcement immediately. You should seek psychological help immediately. And it’s probably helpful if you report this to the victims assistance coordinator of the diocese that has the jurisdiction for that parish.