I was abused, but I love my church

Atrorney Irwin Zalkin of the of Zalkin Law Firm Answers the question.
I was abused but i love my church, I dont want to hurt anyone, what do I do?

It’s very common for a victim of childhood sexual abuse by a member of their church to feel very conflicted about what to do. On the one hand, they are upset, hurt, they realize this was wrong but they don’t want to hurt their church. They feel ashamed and they’re afraid if they say something, it’s going to hurt their church.

That’s not real, that’s not fair to you as the victim. If your church really cares about you and you report this to someone in your church. They will and should respond by coming to your aid, to your assistance and your help and they need to know if, there is somebody in their church that is causing harm to children. They need to know, that needs to be taken care of, and law enforcement needs to know because as much as you may love your church, you also don’t want to see others getting hurt, other children getting hurt. It needs to be reported.

If there is someone employed by a church that’s causing harm to children but if your church really cares about you and loves you, they’ll be there for you and they won’t be there to hurt you or be against you for coming to them.