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Vermont Sisters Sue Jehovah's Witnesses For Child Sex Abuse

Today, the Zalkin Law Firm filed two lawsuits against a Jehovah's Witnesses congregation and the Watchtower, the national JW organization.

Jehovah's Witness Sex Abuse Lawsuit Filed

"The two cases against True aren’t Zalkin’s only pending lawsuits against Jehovah’s Witnesses. He has been involved with more than 20 such cases across the U.S., six of which were settled out of court for confidential but “substantial” amounts, he said. In those cases, documents kept by the church showed that officials were aware of the sex abuse. Zalkin said Jehovah’s Witnesses keep similar records, but have refused to disclose them under court order." CLICK HERE to read coverage on Vermont Public Radio of the news conference.   Jehovahs Witness Sexual Abuse Law Firm

Sisters Sue Jehovah's Witness Congregation Over Sexual Assault

Miranda Lewis (right), with her mother Marina Mauvoleon-Folsom. Lewis and her older sister are suing the Bellows Falls congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses over sexual assaults they say took place when they were less than five years old.  Taylor Dobbs VPR
Lawsuit: Jehovah's Witness official molested girls
New campaign to raise child sexual abuse awareness