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The sexual abuse of children and adolescents

Irish Medical Times. December 6, 2013.

Sexual abuse lawyers understand what a difficult topic childhood sex abuse is. This piece from the Irish Medical Times presents an excellent perspective on the matter from Dr. Muhammad Arshad.

Dr Muhammad Arshad, Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist at Hawkes Bay DHB New Zealand, and Prof Michael Fitzgerald, Professor of Child Psychiatry, TCD, examine the harrowing topic of child sexual abuse.

Some interesting statistics summarized in this article include this:

Out of a random sample of 930 adult women in San Francisco, CSA was experienced by 38 per cent under the age of 18 years and 28 per cent before the age of 14 years. Some 16 per cent reported at least one intrafamilial CSA under the age of 18 years and 12 per cent experienced CSA below 14 years.

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