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Statue of Limitations Reform, by Devin Storey, Esq.

Zalkin Law Firm sexual abuse attorney, Devin Storey, recently published an excellent overview of the complicated state of Statue of Limitations Reform (SOL) in the January Newsletter of National Partnership to End Interpersonal Violence. Read this helpful and insightful article at this link:

NPEIV Newsletter – Jan. 2014

SOL Reform, by Devin M. Storey, Esq.

“Where does this leave us? In a technical sense, we are left with a long and complicated statute that irrationally excludes many of the people who would most benefit from the ability toseek accountability through the civil justice system: those who have been dramatically harmed for many years by the abuse and who have only recently come to understand the affect the abuse has had on their lives. However, in a broader sense, we are left with a Legislature that has seen the need for change, a dedicated champion in Senator Beall who is committed to making a difference in the lives of abuse survivors, a collective of advocates like the National Center for Crime that are devoted to seeing this inequality corrected, and amazingly resilient survivors who will not give up. While the quest for Statute of Limitations Reform was dealt a momentary blow with the veto of SB 131, this remarkable collection of people will continue to pursue change. “

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