A Massachusetts Teen Is Suing Her School After She Was Allegedly Sexually Assaulted By Two Classmates

8/25/17  BuzzFeed News "A woman is suing a Massachusetts school district and its administrators for failing to protect her against two classmates who she said sexually assaulted her when she was a sophomore in high school.  The woman, now 19, was 15 when she said she was raped and sexually assaulted by two male classmates during a sleepover at her friend’s house.

The woman’s federal lawsuit — filed on Friday in Massachusetts and provided first to BuzzFeed News — alleges that administrators at Newburyport High School violated school policies as well as Title IX, the gender equity law, after she reported the rape and subsequent harassment she experienced.

The woman told BuzzFeed News she is filing the lawsuit now, four years later, because “all I can think about most nights before I go to sleep is that there’s another 15-year-old girl going through the same thing.” Attorney Alex Zalkin is representing this victim.

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