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The Columbus Dispatch , Wednesday March 19, 2014. There are many tools available only to clergy abuse lawyers. There are many more available to the general public, but one Columbus Dispatch Report suggests some of those tools just aren't being used. After hearing from numerous victims of sex abuse by priests and seeing about 150 cases involving acc
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Athens Banner-Herald. March 6, 2014 Sexual abuse attorneys have victims from a number of walks of life and from both sexes, but awareness of male victims is at an all-time low. One event seeks to change that. Keep reading for more: Most of the research used to help survivors of childhood sexual abuse is focused on female survivors rather than male
By: Alex Zalkin , Esq. The injuries associated with childhood sexual abuse usually do not manifest at the time of the injury, but rather, can, and often do, arise much later in life. Because of the latency of the injury, it is virtually impossible for victims of childhood sexual abuse to connect their injuries later in life to their childhood sexua
Jewish Daily Forward. Feb. 19, 2014 High profile cases are just part of what we do as a sexual abuse law firm. This Jewish Daily Forward piece takes a closer look at what it actually takes to win these sometimes complex cases: “ In a decision likely to affect the access child sex abuse victims in New York will have to civil remedies years aft
Huffington Post. Feb. 26, 2014 Campus sexual assault lawyers everywhere understand that colleges and universities across the nation are failing to address the problem at hand, and this Huffington Post article reveals that UC-Berkeley is little different in that regard. “The University of California-Berkeley failed to investigate reports of se
Daily News, February 13, 2014. As Yeshiva abuse attorneys, we know how important preventative legislation is, and this Daily News piece highlights that: “ Koeltl, displaying an astonishing lack of awareness about issues facing sexual abuse victims, claimed the plaintiffs should have brought their claims before they turned 21 years old. But me
McAlester News Capital. Oklahoma. February 4, 2014 Jehovah's Witness abuse attorneys have been working with local investigators and officials to uncover the truth, and one Oklahoma DA has said the organization worked hard to conceal their crimes. Take a look: The entire church body of the Jehovah Witness Church allegedly concealed child molestation
Victim's Attorney Reacts to U.N. Committee Report REFUSAL TO TURN OVER BAD PRIEST FILES SHOULD COME AS NO SURPRISE Statement by Irwin Zalkin, Esq. On Tuesday, February 5, 2014, the United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child released a report calling on the Vatican to remove all child abusers from its ranks, report them to law enforceme
The Huffington Post. February 4, 2014. Campus sexual assault attorneys sometimes hear some outrageous things, but this Huffington Post article from a mother is nothing short of shocking. Keep reading: “The covering up of sexual assault should never happen but it does — far too often. What happened to my daughter is not only imaginable,
By Devin Storey , Esq. In an article published on , the author discussed a report by researchers at the University of Toronto that was published in January in Social Psychiatry and Psychiatric Epidemiology . The article, entitled New study reveals childhood abuse prolongs depression recovery examined the study's findings that adul
Zalkin Law Firm sexual abuse attorney, Devin Storey , recently published an excellent overview of the complicated state of Statue of Limitations Reform (SOL) in the January Newsletter of National Partnership to End Interpersonal Violence. Read this helpful and insightful article at this link: NPEIV Newsletter – Jan. 2014 SOL Reform, by Devin
Daily Herald. January 26, 2014.Clergy abuse attorneys often have trouble getting victims to speak up, but in this Daily Herald report, even survivors are encouraging other survivors to stand out against the secrecy barrier. "Sexual abuse, particularly by someone as respected as a priest, can cause psychological scars that linger for a lifetime, soc
Chicago Tribune. January 21, 2014 As clergy abuse attorneys, we know mistakes were made from the bottom up in preventing child sex abuse in the Catholic Church, and one Chicago Tribune report makes that clearer than ever. Take a look: Thousands of pages of secret church documents released Tuesday as part of a court settlement provide an unprecedent
Release of Documents Today by the Chicago Diocese Demonstrates Corporate Policy To Hide Abusers San Diego, CA, January 21, 2014 Victim's rights attorney, Irwin Zalkin, was not surprised by the latest round of sex abuse documents released today by the Archdiocese of Chicago. It should come as no surprise that the latest stacks of documents released Jan. 14, 2014. Clients of sex abuse lawyers have long seen the problems that result from childhood sexual abuse, and this report looks closely at a new study linking prolonged depression to the abuse. “Childhood abuse has been linked to poor brain development and depression. Earlier this month, University of Toront
New York Times. Jan. 16, 2014 As sex abuse attorneys, we've seen offending organizations say some shocking things, but few things were more shocking than the New York Times piece published after the UN Panel questionedVatican officials. Take a look: “Written answers from the Vatican emphasized the distinction between the Holy See and the Cath
By Irwin Zalkin , Esq. Recent news articles have raised questions about the lack of cooperation of the Vatican with the on-going investigations of the United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child. The Vatican has already refused to provide any details to the Committee on its own internal investigations of priests and now the Vatican is sched January 6, 2014 Clergy abuse attorneys are nothing short of frustrated at the Vatican's response to the issue of child sex abuse, and a Metro report from the UK looked at the indecision it presented, even in the face of a UN investigation. “On January 16, a Vatican delegation is due to appear before the United Nations Committee o