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Dismissal of Yeshiva University sex abuse lawsuit makes strong case for Assemblywoman Margaret Markey's Child Victims Act

Daily News, February 13, 2014.

As Yeshiva abuse attorneys, we know how important preventative legislation is, and this Daily News piece highlights that:

“ Koeltl, displaying an astonishing lack of awareness about issues facing sexual abuse victims, claimed the plaintiffs should have brought their claims before they turned 21 years old. But mental health experts say and sex abuse scandals involving football coaches at Poly Prep, Penn State and other institutions prove that most victims are prepared to address the damage they have suffered until they are in their 40s.”

Victims of childhood sexual abuse deserve justice that can come from changes to statute of limitations laws. There is hope that this change will soon come to the State of New York with Assemblywoman Markey’s legislation A1771A. The Zalkin Law Firm supports these legislative efforts.

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