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Childhood Sexual Abuse Linked to Early Sign of Atherosclerosis

MNT Today, July 18, 2014 A sexual abuse law firm, the Zalkin Law Firm is committed to representing victims of childhood sexual abuse. This article shows the long term consequences of such abuse.
A new study published in Stroke - a journal of the American Heart Association - finds that women who were sexually abused in childhood may be more likely to have higher thickening of the inner lining of the arteries in middle age - an early indication of atherosclerosis.
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Sen. Claire McCaskill prepares to take on sexual assault on campus

Face the Nation, April 27, 2014

Sexual abuse lawyers, the Zalkin Law Firm of California and New York represents victims of campus sexual assault, and we support the legislative efforts of many to stop the problem.

‘The Senate Subcommittee on Financial and Contracting Oversight, which McCaskill chairs, sent a survey to 350 college and university presidents around the country to gauge how the schools handle rapes and sexual assault on campus. She is focusing in particular on how those crimes are reported and investigated and how students are notified about the services available to them.”

The Zalkin Law Firm of California and New York represents victims of campus sexual assault.



Child of sexual abuse tells his story in biographical film

Mainline Media News, April 21, 2014.

Sexual abuse law firm Zalkin supports efforts like this to increase awareness of childhood sexual abuse.

“Eight years after his last abuser pleaded guilty in Montgomery County Court, Neulinger is not only telling his story but his is making a documentary about his experiences with the goal of helping other kids. Neulinger, who now lives in Wyoming, is a documentaryfilmmaker and is using Kickstarter to raise funds for his project.”

The Zalkin Law Firm supports efforts like this to increase awareness of childhood sexual abuse.

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Civil registry of sex abusers never used

The Columbus Dispatch, Wednesday March 19, 2014.

There are many tools available only to clergy abuse lawyers. There are many more available to the general public, but one Columbus Dispatch Report suggests some of those tools just aren't being used.

After hearing from numerous victims of sex abuse by priests and seeing about 150 cases involving accusations against leaders in the Roman Catholic Diocese of Cleveland, the North Royalton Republican struggled to tell his colleagues they should support the bill. A year earlier, the Senate had unanimously approved a version of Spada's bill containing a key provision: a one-year window for victims to file a lawsuit alleging child sex abuse that had occurred as long as 35 years earlier. But the House, under then-Speaker Jon Husted and facing heavy pressure from Catholic leaders, stripped out the one-year window to file a lawsuit and replaced it with a civil registry…

It doesn't surprise me, said Barbara Blaine, president of the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests (SNAP), who was among those in 2006 fighting to keep the one-year window to sue instead of the civil registry. It was never set up to be effective from Day One. It was a diversion to make people feel like something would come of it.”

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Athens event aims to raise awareness of male childhood sexual abuse

Athens Banner-Herald. March 6, 2014

Sexual abuse attorneys have victims from a number of walks of life and from both sexes, but awareness of male victims is at an all-time low. One event seeks to change that. Keep reading for more:

Most of the research used to help survivors of childhood sexual abuse is focused on female survivors rather than male survivors, but that research is used to help male survivors of sexual abuse she said. Because the healing process is different for males … more research needs to be done on how males react after sexual abuse occurs and new healing therapies need to be created.

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How Y.U. Won $680M Abuse Case on Same Issue Another School Lost

Jewish Daily Forward. Feb. 19, 2014

High profile cases are just part of what we do as a sexual abuse law firm. This Jewish Daily Forward piece takes a closer look at what it actually takes to win these sometimes complex cases:

In a decision likely to affect the access child sex abuse victims in New York will have to civil remedies years after their alleged abuse, a federal appeals court will examine dueling decisions by judges in two recent high-profile child sex abuse lawsuits.”

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UC-Berkeley Faces New Complaints That It Failed Sexual Assault Survivors

Huffington Post. Feb. 26, 2014

Campus sexual assault lawyers everywhere understand that colleges and universities across the nation are failing to address the problem at hand, and this Huffington Post article reveals that UC-Berkeley is little different in that regard.

“The University of California-Berkeley failed to investigate reports of serial rapists, took months to adjudicate sexual assault cases and dismissed rape threats as a joke, according to two federal complaints filed Wednesday by 31 current and former students.”

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Dismissal of Yeshiva University sex abuse lawsuit makes strong case for Assemblywoman Margaret Markey's Child Victims Act

Daily News, February 13, 2014.

As Yeshiva abuse attorneys, we know how important preventative legislation is, and this Daily News piece highlights that:

“ Koeltl, displaying an astonishing lack of awareness about issues facing sexual abuse victims, claimed the plaintiffs should have brought their claims before they turned 21 years old. But mental health experts say and sex abuse scandals involving football coaches at Poly Prep, Penn State and other institutions prove that most victims are prepared to address the damage they have suffered until they are in their 40s.”

Victims of childhood sexual abuse deserve justice that can come from changes to statute of limitations laws. There is hope that this change will soon come to the State of New York with Assemblywoman Markey’s legislation A1771A. The Zalkin Law Firm supports these legislative efforts.

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DA: Jehovah Witness Church concealed molestation crimes

McAlester News Capital. Oklahoma. February 4, 2014

Jehovah's Witness abuse attorneys have been working with local investigators and officials to uncover the truth, and one Oklahoma DA has said the organization worked hard to conceal their crimes. Take a look:

The entire church body of the Jehovah Witness Church allegedly concealed child molestation crimes alleged against a man identified as a former church elder, according to a motion filed in Pittsburg County District Court.”

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It's Not Rape, If It's a Freshman: An Open Letter to Parents

The Huffington Post. February 4, 2014.

Campus sexual assault attorneys sometimes hear some outrageous things, but this Huffington Post article from a mother is nothing short of shocking. Keep reading:

“The covering up of sexual assault should never happen but it does — far too often. What happened to my daughter is not only imaginable, but, in fact, commonplace. And when it happens, colleges and universities must be required to hold the perpetrators of these crimes accountable, and afford the women who suffer at their hands the support to come forward and not hide in shame.”

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Clergy sex abuse survivors stress speaking up

Daily Herald. January 26, 2014. Clergy abuse attorneys often have trouble getting victims to speak up, but in this Daily Herald report, even survivors are encouraging other survivors to stand out against the secrecy barrier. "Sexual abuse, particularly by someone as respected as a priest, can cause psychological scars that linger for a lifetime, social workers and psychologists say." Click to read full article.

New abuse documents detail Chicago archdiocese missteps

Chicago Tribune. January 21, 2014

As clergy abuse attorneys, we know mistakes were made from the bottom up in preventing child sex abuse in the Catholic Church, and one Chicago Tribune report makes that clearer than ever. Take a look:

Thousands of pages of secret church documents released Tuesday as part of a court settlement provide an unprecedented and gut-wrenching look at how the Archdiocese of Chicago for years failed to protect children from abusive priests.

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New study reveals childhood abuse prolongs depression recovery Jan. 14, 2014.

Clients of sex abuse lawyers have long seen the problems that result from childhood sexual abuse, and this report looks closely at a new study linking prolonged depression to the abuse.

“Childhood abuse has been linked to poor brain development and depression.

Earlier this month, University of Toronto researchers released a report in the journal Social Psychiatry and Psychiatric Epidemiology that suggests recovery from adult depression is significantly delayed in adults who were abused as children. It did not matter if the abuse was physical, mental or a result of neglect: The study illustrated an average delay of nine months in the recovery process for people who survived abusive situations while growing up.”

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Will the Vatican comply with UN investigation into child abuse? January 6, 2014

Clergy abuse attorneys are nothing short of frustrated at the Vatican's response to the issue of child sex abuse, and a Metro report from the UK looked at the indecision it presented, even in the face of a UN investigation.

“On January 16, a Vatican delegation is due to appear before the United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child at a hearing in Geneva as part of an investigation into allegations of child sexual abuse by Catholic clergy around the world and an alleged system of cover-ups by the Holy See. Pope Francis and the Catholic Church have a clear opportunity to help victims whose lives have been shattered by child abuse and help prevent further suffering, campaigners say.”

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LA Times Interview With Photo Journalist Mariella Furre

As sex abuse lawyers, it'srare to come across work that proves hopeful in the area of childhood sexual abuse, but this LA Times Interview with Mariella Furre certainly fits the bill. Read on:

reFramed: In conversation with Mariella Furre

Los Angeles Times. January 6, 2014. reFramed is a feature showcasing fine art photography and vision-forward photojournalism.

A touching and powerful interview with South African photographer Mariella Furre about her photo documentary work on childhood sex abuse.

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Q: I look at your work and I see a profound commitment to creating awareness about child sexual abuse. What inspired you to tell this story?

A: When I was about 5 years old, I was sexually abused by a stranger. I don't think at that age I really understood what it was that had happened to me, but somehow I knew it was wrong, and I felt to blame for letting the man touch me.

The molestation could not have lasted more than a couple of minutes, but the incident affected my life in ways that are difficult to articulate. As a 5-year-old, I don't think you really understand that you have lost something when you are abused. Yet you have; something does change. You lose your childhood really, your innocence is snatched away, and what little is left of that once-pure child is now transformed into a sexual being, a child with a knowledge of things way before her time.

My Piece of Sky is the result of the journey that has since led me to explore the world of child sexual abuse. It is testimony to the young children who have survived the experience of rape, and those who have lost their lives to it.

Sex-abuse victims lack voice in New Square Hasidic community January 4. 2014

Sexual abuse attorneys are often the only voice victims have, and a report only furthered that idea. In Hasidic community, those who take assault claims to cops ‘are damaged goods’

“Sexual abuse of children and young people is systemically suppressed in Hasidic communities, advocates and alleged victims say, spawning a culture where victims are sent to therapists picked by the community's religious leaders and whose sympathies often seem aligned with the abuser.”

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The Code of Shame

Chicago Tribune. By, Robert Koehler. December 19, 2013

A recent Canadian Public Television film looked much closer at the problems childhood sexual abuse can cause later in life. Read more about this film in this Chicago Tribune article.

“So we need a documentary to break the Code of Shame. It’s called “A Hard Name” and came out in 2009; it ran on Canadian public television. (The film is online but, unfortunately, can’t be viewed in the U.S. “due to rights restrictions.”) Director Alan Zweig found seven ex-prisoners — five men, two women — and just let them speak.”

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The sexual abuse of children and adolescents

Irish Medical Times. December 6, 2013.

Sexual abuse lawyers understand what a difficult topic childhood sex abuse is. This piece from the Irish Medical Times presents an excellent perspective on the matter from Dr. Muhammad Arshad.

Dr Muhammad Arshad, Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist at Hawkes Bay DHB New Zealand, and Prof Michael Fitzgerald, Professor of Child Psychiatry, TCD, examine the harrowing topic of child sexual abuse.

Some interesting statistics summarized in this article include this:

Out of a random sample of 930 adult women in San Francisco, CSA was experienced by 38 per cent under the age of 18 years and 28 per cent before the age of 14 years. Some 16 per cent reported at least one intrafamilial CSA under the age of 18 years and 12 per cent experienced CSA below 14 years.

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Pope Francis Announces Commission To Address Sex Abuse Cases

Daily Beast. December 5, 2013

As sex abuse lawyers, we know victims of clergy abuse simply haven't gotten the attention they deserve, and a Daily Beast piece on the Pope Francis commission makes a stringent examination of the plan:

“On Thursday, Pope Francis agreed to a to appoint a special ad-hoc commission for the protection of minors to address alleged and proven sex abuse by Catholic priests.”

Will this be more coverup or a positive step? Victims groups see this as more of the same.

Another commission surveying bishops and recommending policies is meaningless. “It's like offering a band aid to an advanced cancer patient,” Clohessy said. “These crimes and cover ups have gone on for centuries quietly and decades publicly. Only decisive action helps, not more studies and committees and promises.”

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