Campus Sexual Assault

Fighting Campus Sexual Assault

A growing number of women are reporting cases of campus sexual assault. It’s a refreshing trend that may not have happened just a few years ago when a culture of shame and silence led many women to the belief that their assaults on campus were not important enough to prosecute. The reality is a far different one, and a culture of accountability for perpetrators and colleges alike seems to be finally coming to light.

What You Can Do About Campus Sexual Assault Now

Campus sexual assault is a real problem throughout the year. It happens everywhere – on campus, off campus, frat parties, bars, and anywhere college students are present. It can include inappropriate touching, molestation, and even rape. While victims are often under the influence of drugs or alcohol, that’s not always the case. Many victims even know their perpetrators. You can stop campus sexual violence, though. If there’s not already a campaign on campus to ensure victims have a path to justice, create one. Make certain your college or university knows students aren’t going to attend an institution where safety is at risk. Advocate for training of all college employees and students alike so everyone can recognize the signs of abuse or assault and put an end to it immediately. Make certain the college institutes a program on campus to help educate students about how to prevent sexual assault and what to do when it happens. Be supportive. More than anything else, victims of sexual assault need someone who is willing to listen. They need people who understand the assault they suffered was not their fault and who are willing to stand by them during the long process ahead.

Encourage Victims to Find a Sexual Abuse Attorney

Victims of sexual abuse, though, need more than a friendly ear after an assault. Instead, they need help that puts real resources at their fingertips, and often that help comes in the form of a sexual abuse attorney. With the knowledge and skills necessary to put victims in touch with the right people and help them find both justice and healing, a sexual abuse attorney is the ideal person to help survivors start down to the path to recovery. If you or someone you know has been assaulted on campus, contact the sexual abuse attorneys at the Zalkin Law Firm today for help. Compassionate, experienced advocates, the attorneys at Zalkin can help turn victims into confident survivors.